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Just one short week ago, you could have been forgiven for thinking that the False Flags Over Kashmir that I wrote about in this very column in March had blown over, and that everything in the highly contentious Kashmir region connecting India, Pakist

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Rarely a week goes by without President Trump trying to open a new front in the trade war (Europe, Japan, South Korea and Mexico have all been threatened with new levies), and this sleepy post-holiday week is no exception.

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The Militant

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and his party have scored a second general election victory. Given the tumultuous period of the last five years under Modi's governance it was expected that at these 2019 elections the BJP would find it difficult to sel

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Samir Patil

In the continuing Indian elections, as 900 million people are voting to elect representatives to the lower house of the Parliament, disinformation and hate speech are drowning out truth on social media networks in the country and creating a public he

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As I write these words, the 2019 general election for the next federal government of India is underway.

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MIT Technology Review

EVs represent a tiny share of the nation's auto market, but efforts to electrify scooters and rickshaws may begin to change that. In early March, in the parking garage of a Bangalore office building, I hopped onto the back of an Ather 450, a sli

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