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National Security

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Imagine that your doctor finds a huge cancerous tumor on your colon, which has produced a few smaller tumors in the rest of your body. The doctor removes the smaller tumors but leaves the big one alone.

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Zero Hedge

Why is Biden sacrificing America's workers, its allies, and its national security rather than simply increase oil, natural gas, and gasoline production? What, exactly, is going on?

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If for some inexplicable reason, you couldn't come up with a reason to be ashamed of the U.S., I've got one for you: Henry Kissinger has been a widely revered thinker and statesman for six decades, and is the recipient of awards like the Nobel Pe

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Ron Paul Institute - Ron Paul

Previewing President Biden's trip to Europe last week, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said that, "the president is traveling to Europe to make sure we stay united."