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Transgender or Indentifying As...

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Awaken With JP

Is Disney grooming your children? In this special report we look into the "Secret Gay Agenda" of Disney employees to indoctrinate your children. Also Governor Ron DeSantis is fighting back!

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James Corbett - The Corbett Report

Sean Stone joins James to discuss his new documentary series, "Best Kept Secret." They discuss the international pedophile networks, mind control, and the transhuman agenda, as well as what we as individuals can do about these growing threats to huma

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Gender "X" option now available for passports, so can everyone just "self-identify" as ANY age, name and country of origin also?

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U.S. citizens will be able select "X" as their gender on their U.S. passport applications from April 11, the White House announced Thursday as part of a rollout of new policies to coincide with Transgender Day of Visibility.