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Big Pharma

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At almost every pharmacy I see boxes of both drugs available in Mexico, where they just give it to you if you put some pesos on their counter. No need to beg American assholes in white coats for permission to ingest what you want.

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Another pharma shill paid big bucks to push experimental "anti-psychotics" drugs on children as young as two years old

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"Why the Rush for Toddler Vaccines?" asks Wall Street Journal editorial board member Allysia Finley in a July 4, 2022, op-ed.1 Indeed, many are asking that same question, and I'm glad the legacy media's WSJ had the courage to print it.

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Big Pharma Wants To Skip 'Clinical Trials' of reformulated Covid Shots! The Court ordered release of the Pfizer documents were so damaging, Pfizer wants the FDA to make sure they don't have to show or do trials ever again for Covid. Don't w