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We Are Change-What Really Happened

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Change the News - Rudkowski - Picciott - Sneisen

Buckle up! Because this video all boils down to international government overreach...In the US, Florida police are now stopping cars from New York and screening them for sick passengers. Italy has restricted travel across counties. In Spain, people a

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Change the News - Luke Rudkowski - Tim Picciott

The pandemic emergency stimulus package will exceed $6 trillion! That's a $2 trillion in: aid for families, airline bailouts, and a $350 billion small business loan program. The remaining $4 trillion will allow the federal reserve to bailout whoeve

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Change the News - Like Rudkowski, Tim Picciott

Join Luke & Tim as they discuss bitcoin's rampant volatility among all other markets. Find out what they think caused the crash, and what could reverse it.

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