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Feminism-Women**Q**s Causes

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as he defends Christmas classic Baby It's Cold Outside from the censors and says he now has to refrain from complimenting women on their 'great legs'...Star Trek legend William Shatner says the MeToo movement has become 'hysterical' and likened it to

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American feminists have finally broken the spirit of the American white heterosexual male. I have been watching for some time the American male, or what little is left of him, meekly accept feminists' definitions of words and male behavior.

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It is no question that in every war, casualties are inevitable and aside from the loss of life and property, certain freedoms that we enjoy can be taken from us at a blink of an eye. In a small camp in Israel occupied West Bank, Palestinian women are

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While the public university system has long been a bastion for leftist thought, any semblance of objectivity is now being jettisoned. This has been shown clearly at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, which is now giving paychecks to studen

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