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SEC-Securities Exchange Commission

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While high-fives and smily-faces abound on the interwebs over the destruction wrought on numerous hedge funds amid the short- and gamma-squeezes in GME and the rest of the heavily-shorted names, some are at least taking a moment to pause and reflect

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As we noted earlier this month, the SEC has sought to proactively combat fraud related to the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic and related economic crisis by suspending the trading of at least eleven different companies since February 7, 2020. On Friday

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Deep Capture - Patrick Byrne

As I walked out of the Cato auditorium an exceedingly polite, sympathetic woman named Valerie Szczepanik approached me and handed me her card. It identified her as being with the SEC. She told me that she was in charge of a group at the SEC which was

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Dear Erstwhile Teammates, As you will learn from an SEC filing today, over this past week all my shares in OSTK were sold. Before I left for Australia I put it all in the hands of Mr. Pettway (whom some of you know), for it had alre