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The 'John McCain / Hillary Clinton Team' can't be hid forever

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(Can you feeeel the Propaganda?)
"Mr. McCain has grown increasingly infuriated by the North Carolina Republican Party's decision to run a television ad next week in advance of the state's May 6 primary calling Mr. Obama "too extreme" because of his connection to Mr. Wright." Front page across the nation 
"Hillary Clinton's chief strategist is Mark Penn, and Charlie Black, John McCain's top adviser, is chairman of BKSH, the DC-based lobbying subsidiary of Burson-Marsteller -- of which Mark Penn is CEO.
Yes, this is the same lobbyist Barack Obama was referring to when he criticized John McCain for allowing lobbyists to conduct their business on board his bus.
BKSH is a bipartisan lobbying firm. Black, the chairman is the top Republican. The top Democrat is R. Scott Pastrick, who like Penn, supports Hillary Clinton.
Mark Penn's personal interests would clearly be best served by a Hillary Clinton victory.
A McCain presidency wouldn't be a bad consolation prize, however. It would be far better to have the head of his lobbying be tight with the president than to have a president like Obama who sought to impose new restrictions on his lobbyist operation.
Burson-Marsteller's work is primarily for corporations, ranging from Blackwater to Microsoft to the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, the sovereign wealth fund of the government of Abu Dhabi that recently purchased a 5% stake in Citigroup.
As Ari Berman's Hillary, Inc. details, there's every reason to be skeptical of Mark Penn's willingness to help Democrats. He's criticized Al Gore for running to far to the left in 2000 and when he was brought into the Clinton's orbit by Dick Morris, he wasn't even a political operative."
And this is another signal of what's to come... Delegate challenges concerning Florida, Michigan to be heard
I hope my good friend Ernie will forgive my adding a little show and tell to support the interesting relationship of John and Hill:

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When is the porno video coming out of these two?

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Take a good look at those two Traitors,and,remember that these two whipped your American ass.....I don`t think I would tell anyone.

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I hope Ernie doesn't mind that I added some images;-) of these two wild and crazy loverbirds.