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SCAMERA head receives REDFLEX photo ticket!

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SCAMERA head receives REDFLEX photo ticket!

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Comment by Edwin Sumcad
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Precious evidence that should be preserved for all time. It would save a lot of victims of red light camera scam! The next time those thugs behind the camera will do is put a hangman**Q**s noose around their neck and pull themselves up. AND I BET THEY WOULD NOT EVEN KNOW WHY THEY ARE DOING IT...!

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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...look on Redflex worker**Q**s face when they first see the **Q**perpetrator**Q** - PRICELESS!

Comment by Terry Bressi
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I just watched the video. It**Q**s still up.

Whenever YouTube is having a hard time serving the video for whatever reason, it posts a poorly worded message in its place such as **QQ**video no longer available**QQ**.

Usually, all you need to do is hit the refresh button to fix the problem.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Man, that did not stay up long!

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