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RON PAUL 4409 -- Bob Burges uses Unethical tactics to steal 180 PC votes!

Written by Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings
Voting Republican come hell or high water does not magically make you a conservative and this is why Bob Burges was given the boot.
LD-4 has new leadership under Phil Corbel. He is now District Chairman since he was duly elected on Nov, 17, 2008.  Bob Burges [ex]-chairman of the LD-4 tried to cancel the meeting when he realized he was losing.
What a complete joke this a-hole is. He can be reached at at 623-214-3725 or email him at
Also I was sent a video of a man named Eric Spencer who I was told was a McCain Supporter/Campaign Advisor. He agrees that 9/11 was an inside job. Good job Spence!

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Comment by Victor Longoria
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R.I.P. Robert Burges "Papa"...we love and miss you so very much. You were a true patriot and anybody who calls you an ahole is a moron.

Comment by Bob Burges
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Before a person puts a feature article on Freedom's Phoenix, comes to person home in the middle of the night to place a sign in their yard and calls him an a "hole" (again on your website) need to know the facts.

I would like to meet this individual in person to inform him of the facts and ask him why he resorted to nameg calling. 

I would like this removed from your website as it is not true and crude.

Thank you for your time.   Robert Burges


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