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The fruit of our labor has finally paid off!

Written by Subject: Food
 As many of you may know, Ernie and I have been learning and implementing many techniques in regards to storing food for long term storage, planting and cultivating crops from our back yard garden, canning, and raising chickens for egg production. Well, today, it happened - the arrival of our first egg (and about a month and a half early!).
It feels tremendous to somehow supplement and supply your own food, now that those 'in charge' are heading towards making this kind of thing illegal. Raising the chickens have had surprisingly few challenges. They are very easy to care for, and make good garbage disposals for all the leftovers that would otherwise end up in the trash. We started with 12 chickens - so far, we have had 3 roosters that we have had to get rid of (anyone know how to butcher a chicken?) but I think the rest are hens and should supply an abundance of fresh eggs that are unadulterated and free of all the crap you would normally find in store bought eggs.

I encourage everyone to be at least somewhat self-sustaining, as we don't know what is around the corner. Better, fresher foods that taste like real food and are healthier for you is a good thing.

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Comment by CharS
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Congratulations!! :)

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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The two Roosters had to go but the rest are pretty quiet. A very tolerable "buck buck buck" is all I get from the hens and you can't hear them from inside the house.

Comment by Trouser Chili
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Congrats! Our new 4 chickens have been giving us 2 eggs/day lately. And the eggs are starting to get bigger. Have you found them noisy?

Comment by Fascist Nation
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Ernie laid another egg? ;-)