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Global Marijuana March Phoenix AZ May 9, 2009 (Video)

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Comment by Tedina Allen (21775)
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I am very fired up by this topic. It was a lot of work for the PEOPLE,(as in WE THE PEOPLE) of California to pave the way and be persecuted for daring to speak up and demand their right to decide what they want for themselves. It is our constitutional right to decide for ourselves what we want. It makes me so mad that they allow us to put something on the ballot and vote it in and then deny us the right to implement it all. I  am so dissapointed that I was not not aware of this march in time to make it. I will support all efforts as much as I am possibly able. Let me know if I can be of service.  I am ready and this has been on my mind heavily. I have been a certificate holder in California and benefit from the qualities of this medication. My husband is also in need of this medication and it really is irritating to not be able to have access in this state. We are not loser "potheads" and I am really tired of that surmation. I am a college student and member of an international honor society. Using marijuana does not make you part of the dreggs of society. I am sure there are many others who can attest to that. I am really on one about it. Please feel free to send me any info where I can lend myself to these efforts. Thank you  

Comment by Powell Gammill (13871)
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Wow Drew, very nice and very fast posting. Hey who was that guy with the microphone inside George & Dragon? He looks familiar. I think I have seen him somewhere before.

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