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ACTUAL FOOTAGE Pastor Steven Anderson Beaten & Tased by Border Patrol & DPS

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ACTUAL FOOTAGE Pastor Beaten & Tased by Border Patrol & DPS

Steven Anderson
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Comment by PureTrust
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Wow! One of the comments, below, actually said, "Remember you represent Jesus Christ ! Jesus Christ followed the laws of his day."

So it is common knowledge that they execute people for obeying the laws of their day. After all, that's what they did to Jesus for obeying the laws of His day. This means that even Pastor Anderson was obeying the laws, right? After all, he didn't get executed, but they would have executed him if they felt that they could get away with it.

Yes! Pastor Anderson was obeying the laws of his day. And he almost got executed for it by some crooks who were acting just like the crooks who executed Jesus in His day.

Comment by Regina Russell
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Several have made comments against Mr. Anderson because they don't agree with the things he believes but they are missing the point. To accuse someone of hate speech and then say they deserved tasing, shows an extreme amount of hate and intolerance. I don't agree with some of the things I have read this pastor say but he was not behaving in a way that warranted what happened to him. A jury agreed too after seeing the evidence. People who talk about the Bible or compare what he did to what they believe Jesus would have said or done are missing the point. This is not about whether he was Biblically correct. This is about whether he was within his rights to do what he did. Someone also made the point that he had a camera and was setting the police up. It was also said that if he had nothing to hide, he should have cooperated. Why doesn't that go for the police and border patrol too? Why would they have to worry about being taped if they are acting within the law? While many are busy lambasting someone on here because they disagree with a man's religion, they don't realize they are taking a stand against their own rights. I don't have to agree with your religion and I don't have to like what you say but I should stand up for your rights just as I stand up for my own because we are all in this together.

Comment by Josh Ua
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You sir deserved to get tazed. First off as a pastor, do you feel this behavior of yours was of a Christian nature, how about a biblical one? I believe the Bible tells us to obey the powers that be. Do you stand by the Bible you teach and preach from? I'm ashamed as a fellow baptist preacher to call you my brother. Remember you represent Jesus Christ ! Jesus Christ followed the laws of his day .
Comment by PureTrust
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Okay. Let's say for a moment that Pastor Anderson WAS resisting arrest. Would his resistance be classified as Active Resistance or Passive Resistance. Would he have been held guilty or innocent to the charge of resisting arrest? When would he have been held guilty if he was? Wouldn't it have been after the trial?

So you see, we have an innocent person - innocent until proven guilty - who was acting in a non-violent manner, being treated as though he had been found guilty of violence, prior to any court trial.

Law enforcement is guilty of battery. And we don't need a trial, because the guilt is obvious. These law enforcement guys should be in prison right now for how they treated an innocent person. At best, they should have been held in jail until the charge of guilty had been returned against Pastor Anderson (which it never was - Pastor Anderson was found innocent).

So you see? Somehow the whole system of law has been reversed with regard to how Government treats us. It's about time we do something about this, isn't it? After all, government people are only people, aren't they? Except for the fact that they are labeling themselves terrorists by trying to apply the terrorist definition to citizens of the USA, and then acting the part themselves.

Comment by Somegirl In AZ
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Pastor Anderson, you are a hero.  I want you to know that your strength and sacrifice have not gone unnoticed in your community.  You have inspired me to stand up for what is morally right & assist in the defense of WE THE PEOPLE.  I know many people severely misunderstand the importance of you standing firm on your rights against unwarranted search.  Watching those cowardice bullies physically assault and torture you makes me ache.  You are not a criminal, you are a United States Citizen for whom these badge wearers are to be protecting.  You were treated worse than a murderer, worse than a rapist, worse than any criminal I have ever seen....and on what premise?  You hurt no one.  You were harboring no illegal substances nor bodies.  You committed no crime. You were traveling (an inalienable right in AMERICA) home to your family.  If this can happen to you I can not help but know that this can in fact happen to me. Thank you for making me strong.  Thank you for your sacrifice and thank you for doing the right thing.  You are a patriot.

Comment by Will DeWit
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 By reading most of the negative comments, it's clear that most people have missed the point entirely. Stories of this pastor hating the president of the USA and such other stories, have nothing to do with the fact that this man exercised his american rights and was penalized for it. Brutally, at that. One person mentioned that "Only someone with something to hide" would act like that. "SURPRISE". They searched his vehicle and was hiding nothing. I am assuming that these ignorant people do not cherish the rights that they have been given. They clearly succumb to bullying in order to save face. Such a shame.

Comment by mandy wilmur
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any decent citizen that had nothing to hide would just say "sure officer, have a look in my car, and i'll be on my way",without making a huge scene..

only a man that is haughty, proud and self righteous, or a man with something to hide would cause such a stink, make such a scene and song and dance because he is anti establishment and has a point to make...

all this shows "pastor" steve, is that you certainly aren't a humble man, have no respect for authority, and don't follow biblical principles, of obeying the law of the land...

you are a disgrace, and you deserve everything you got...


you only have to read his wifes blog and any of his stuff to see they aren't godly people but are instead war mongerers and hatefilled bigots.

i pray you will be convicted by the holy spirit of your hate filled vitiol, and that you pluck the log out of your own eye, before pointing at the splinter in others...


Comment by Agnes Gooch
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This is called KARMA - preached in the major 3 religions. What you give to the Universe (God) you get back times 10...Steven's hate filled heart  has brought this on himself.  I feel sorry for his children.  He is a shame to the flock and the sooner people realize he preaches for SATAN the better.

Comment by ozzy k
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 Anderson is the guy who wishes the President's death. This guy just wants some attention. He'll surely get it sooner or later. He's racist,communist,and preaches terrorism.Let him suffer for his actions.

Comment by Jim Wheeler
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 Fuck you, I praying for you to die

Comment by Lorax Loraxowitz
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This man gives all Christians a bad name. Jesus never would have said something like that. He got what he deserved. 

Comment by T I
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 I thought this guy was being unfairly treated until I heard his recent schtick on air. The guy is clearly trying to be an agitator. He got what he deserved.

Comment by Jane Doe
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There is no spot in this video where you were beaten. You received your cuts from being on the ground with broken glass - from getting the cuffs on and your fall to the ground from being tased. You refused to exit your vehicle and you resisted arrest - plain and simple. It's the law to obey an officer upon his request and you are no further above the law than anyone.  A police officer does not need to give you a reason that 'you will accept' in order to ask you to exit your vehicle. He has to have a reason, yes, which he gave. Any other driver/citizen would have received the same reaction from the officers who would act as you did.

Comment by J M
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It's pretty difficult to feel even the slightest bit of remorse for someone that speaks so much hate towards others. You say you didn't deserve to have your ass kicked, but what makes you think you have the right to say people should be put to death based on their way of life? Judge not lest ye be judge yourself. According to your little book all are equal in the eyes of god...

Comment by Ken Codner
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I find it interesting that now mention is made that this occurred after Anderson had refused for about an hour to answer some simple questions and also refused to move his vehicle to allow others to pass through. It just so happened that he also had a video camera running. This guy had an agenda and provoked these officers, but will never admit his part in this incident.

Comment by Chip Saunders
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I find it interesting that all the footage has the critical persons JUST out of view or obscured. Either the tapes have been edited, or the cameras were set up ahead of time to only show certain angles and very few officers.

Comment by Archie1954
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The point here is that the pastor had not crossed an international border so why should he agree to a border search? Also US law states that he can refuse unless there is a warrant so if the result of a legal refusal is to get beat up by a bunch of Government goons then why not change the law to make it mandatory to submit to any request for a search without a warrant? In this case the officers involved should be charged with assault and battery.

Comment by Joel Turner
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sic semper tyrannis .........

Comment by 4409
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Steven I just want you to know it hurt me to watch them hurt you.

I will pray for them that they never do that to an American again.

Comment by Checkpoint USA
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After watching the video, it's obvious the DPS officers had no basis to intervene. If the Border Patrol's K9 did indeed alert as the Border Patrol claim (and the DPS officer parroted without proof or first hand knowledge), the Border Patrol wouldn't have needed DPS's assistance or presence to take further action.

Rather, the Border Patrol clearly used the DPS to do the bulk of their dirty work for them while the state officers allowed themselves to be used by federal agents at a federal immigration checkpoint in which they were neither trained or certified to participate.

Playing the video slowly, frame by frame, you can see the DPS officer on the passenger side with a sadistic grin on his face just before he breaks the window, while he's breaking the window and after the window is broken and Anderson is being tasered.

The Border Patrol footage on the other hand shows that it was a Border Patrol agent who broke out the driver's side window with multiple hits from a baton while the DPS officer directed him off to the side.

Yep, state officers allowed themselves to be commandeered by federal agents who knew they had no lawful basis to search Anderson's car or continue the detention. If the K9 had indeed alerted, they wouldn't have had a problem with bringing it back out to show the DPS officers.

Additionally, they wouldn't have had a problem seeking a warrant from a judge. Of course, when an agent seeks a warrant, he must attest to probable cause under penalty of perjury which is why Border Patrol agents don't seek warrants in many cases. This allows them to lie regarding a K9 alert without perjuring themselves. After all, it's rather difficult to cross-examine a dog in a court of law....

Comment by anney
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Comment by anney
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