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Help put Freedoms Phoenix Radio on the Air!

Written by Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings
The Phoenix R3volution has put Ernest Hancock back on the Air, now its time to Launch our own network and give the LSM (lame stream media) a run for what money is left. 

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Comment by Matt Sharp
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I made a couple bucks today.  I got $100 on that $500 gizmo.  I'll get it down to the workshop tommorrow or Friday.  

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Very soon we'll start a real fundraising effort to finish the studio and our online presence. We are already on a Network with Satellite broadcasting so when we are ready we can promote an effort for volunteers to help get us on more affiliates (we'll call it something like the "bug the living crap out of them campaign" :) But that will come after we have solidified our online capacity.


Drew is right that we need a dedicated server but what he doesn’t know is that my old show archives are already having up to 20,000 downloads a month already and I’ve been off the air for almost 2 years.


Once we hook up mine and Charles Goyette’s old archives (predicting everything that is coming with all of the popular guests that you have become fans of now) our capacity will quickly hit limits if we don’t plan ahead. So we are taking our time and doing it right (like we always do).


The $500 Drew is asking for will definitely go towards the effort, but you can expect a far larger fundraiser to be just around the corner… and we’ll be providing Silver FreedomsPhoenix 1 oz medallions as an enticement. Stay Tuned.

Comment by Drew
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what we need is better public education but that's asking to much.

I said every thing I wanted to in 4 min of video, it only takes two days to shoot, edit and post it to youtube.

are you offering to be my  proofreaders? the job pay is really low but this way you would not complain about it.

maybe Ill just stop posting the video here and only post them to we have a team of 40 proofreaders over on that site...

Comment by Rocky Frisco
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"now its time to Launch are own network"

Shirley you meen "our own network," no?

You need a prufreeder there at feeedum's feenix.

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