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(Update 1) FBI Forces Alex Jones Off Of The Air Today During Radio Broadcast - July 31st 2009

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Developing Story - From I can learn. There was a blog post on Alex Jones' web site by a blogger threatening Law Enforcement. So the FBI come to Alex's studio and pulled him off the air to... not sure why specifically. But they cerrtainly wanted the post taken down. And I'm sure they wanted any additional information about the individual that Alex Jones was able to provide.
I'll post more as I know it but Alex was forced to run pre-recordings while dealing with the demands of the FBI for the actions of another using his site to express himself in an illegal manner as alleged by the FBI.
More to come.....
My good friend Dale Williams is a great talk show host in Salt Lake City and has provided me with the background informatiuon that I am certain that you are interested in....
Today the Alex Jones Show ( was interrupted by a visit from agents of the FBI. They took Alex from his broadcast booth for a 30 minute “interview.”

When Alex came back on the air, he stated that the “interview” was related to postings, by an unaffiliated third party, on one of his websites, and that the FBI delivered a subpoena related to those postings which will require Jones’ presence at a trial in Virginia.

A call to the Jones studio confirmed that Alex is fine. Highlights from previous shows were played during the initial period of today’s rebroadcast, followed by the show interval which immediately followed the FBI’s intrusion on today’s show.

Please go to Alex’s website and tell him you support his efforts and pray for him and his family’s welfare daily.



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Comment by PureTrust
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Yabut, what is zionism? And who are the Zionists? 'Cause they ain't mostly the Jews like people have been brainwashed to think.

Zionism is a political agenda to rule the world. If you don't have at the core of your understanding about Zionism, the stuff found here,, then you may be way off base.


Comment by Billy McEvoy
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Alex is where he is to protect the Zionists who are destroying America & the world by design for global Communism. It's no secret now that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Who controls the banks , media , gov't ? It ain't whites , blacks , Muslims or Hispanics !
Comment by freedomfighterradio
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I do radio and had secret service interogate me for 3 hours on May 5, 2008. Fact was under investigation for 6 months now cleared. I told them when they came Bush was a war criminal.

see the dhs report i got by foia request

My number is 706-394-8019 for more info and or questions.



Comment by Lorie Kramer
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No biggie for AJ, he can always just call his lawyer down on Congress.

Comment by Lorie Kramer
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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Personally I believe  Jones should have said if you want to interview me you can either wait until I am done at _____ or we do it now live over the air.  Great PR either way FBI! 

Comment by Powell Gammill
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I wonder if it is this incident:


Which if it is I am surprised the FBI is involved.  And that the site is still up...anyone want to grab it while you can? 

hattip to whomever first posted this on FP under the title Uh Oh, but I can't find it to give credit. 

Comment by foundZero
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ok I know the R3VOlUTOIN isn't supposed to be a competition or anything, we're all independent actors, no collectivism except picnics but this shit is seriously starting to piss me off.

What the fuck is this? WE were the ones that were supposed to get reported to the FBI. ADKINS FUCKING PROMISED. But who gets all the attention as usual?

Pretty boy Alex Jones. Mr. "hangs out with movie stars" Alex Jones.

Yo, I'm like REPRESENTIN ARIZONA. Man you think Ernie and Ed and 4409 and the R3VOlUTION and all, what, we don't rate?

Hey look, I'm just saying. We try so hard and it's like we hardly ever get hassled by the FBI. All the other federal agencies are practically camping out in the back yard but from the FBI we get nothing. NOTHING.

Fuck Alex Jones. And Adkins, your credibility just took another hit my man and this one I'm not sure I can forgive. Unless you yourself knock on my door in the middle of the night, Chuck Adkins, dressed in tactical gear and carrying a really, really big gun. You brute!

I can't hate you because I love to hate you so much. XOXO.


Comment by Brock
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