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New Shotgun sure to SHOCK Your Socks Off

Written by Andrew Strmic Subject: Military
XREP Wireless Taser Shotgun
This new Electroshock torture weapon will be sure to come to a check point near you.  A heart stopping 20 seconds of high voltage pain compliance with a range of 65 feet and with a fire rate only limited to how fast one can pull his trigger finger.  Now, Officer Jack Boot can blast away all day at those pesky protesters that are out of compliance with those not so free speech zones, and I'm certain the news will write ballad's of how merciful the black booted thugs were!  And if someone dies, maybe they will attribute it to the fictitious "he must of scared himself to death" so they can keep calling it "less than lethal"! 
  Futureweapons- XREP

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Comment by JustinTyme
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What happened to the Email option for articles?

Comment by Morpheus
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we need this weapon aimed at the politicians who are busy STEALING OUR MONEY!