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Ernest Hancock talks with CNN about the Man with the AR 15

Written by Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings
Rick Sanchez, “Many of you were shocked when you saw an image for the first time a video during an Obama demonstration where a well dressed black American man who had not only a AR-15 strapped to his shoulder and 9 millimeter Glock in a holster on his hip.  There is his picture.  This was an event in Phoenix, Arizona, he was right outside where President Obama was speaking.  This American man was outside with about 12 other demonstrators who were also packing a loaded weapons near the president.  In this video he is being interviewed by Ernest Hancock who is the publisher of an online news web portal and has a internet radio show called “Declare Your Independence” with Ernest Hancock.   Mr. Hancock, I was there and I interviewed the man named Chris, there at the demonstration.  I also interviewed him for 2 hours on my show “Declare Your Independence” this morning.  I am also broadcast on,  where a lot of people heard it.  Plays clip Courtesy of YouTube.comRP4409. Rick Sanchez “a lot of levity there do you know him?”  Hancock “Yes, I have known Chris for over 2 years.  He has been a part of the Lovelution that swept the county around Dr. Ron Paul’s Presidential campaign.  It all started in Arizona, I was the one who came up with the Revolution Love logo”

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Comment by Christine Smith
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 Wow!  Great job - great interview Ernie!

Comment by WahWa Day
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Oyate, here is fact Sir with all due respect I don't want your hat I want to earn a feather of the Bold Eagle. We as Black Indians are sick and tired this is why we remain in peace, my statement was only to not call Black Folks African American when they are not in America by choice I have met white African Americans who now live in America they are the true African Americans we are taking something from them as well. Stop the Ignorance the GREAT SPIRIT “Treat the Earth and all that dwell thereon with REPECT” The first freedom paths taken by runaway slaves led to Native American villages, where black men and women found a red hand of friendship and an accepting culture. The offspring of Black-Indian marriages shaped the early days of the fur trade, added a new dimension to frontier diplomacy, and made a daring contribution to the fight for American liberty.   In the chronicles of the Americas their long, arduous quest for freedom is still a neglected chapter. Carefully researched and enhanced with rare antique prints and photographs, Black Indians, by renowned historian William Loren Katz, reveals a little-known aspect of our past and shatters some myths.




Comment by Found Zero
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Now we got the Bear people weighing in! Mato hey-yo.

Has anyone heard from the Giraffes?

Comment by Rachael Erickson
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 Yep!!! That's my uncle!!!! not the asshole who by his own standards would be conducting a "fake" interview...GO UNCLE EARNIE :) My first thoughts on this you have a correspondant from D.C. immediately tried to place this spin on what the message and purpose of this real interview (again not sure how planning to interview someone makes it fake) maintain your rights, show they are important to you...or they may be taken from you...into this "ohh just a publicity stunt"....makes a girl wonder why our government media spokespeople would try to distract from this message when "they are on our side...and agree with those rights" ...interesting. GOOD JOB!


Comment by Found Zero
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Awesome! Now we got a black Cherokee! I'm a white indian/Puerto Rican. All we need now is a Chinese Jew and our circle will be complete.

I even got our motto picked out: "We took identity politics, threw it out the window, picked up the pieces and made these tight hats!"

Comment by Jefferson Paine
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Loved it! That asshole was SOOOooo blindsided by this interview. He thought he could just play up the "make-believe interview" angle and make you look bad. 


Comment by Anonymous
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Of course I had to Digg this it was Fantastic! The ease and class you displayed with Sanchez made his commentary seem classless! I commend you and Chris both for doing it keep up the good work.

Comment by WahWa Day
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Sir,I'am a US Army Veteran I commend what your cause is,the European American CNN reporter talking to you SUCKED his whole story at first was an African American at a Obama rally has a rifle, never mention the fact European Americans had weapons too "Hidden Racisim". And thank you Sir for saying Black American we needed that as Black people have no right taken Africans who moved here by choice tittles away. I'am Black and Cherokee from the Eastern part of North Carolina my grandfather was full blooded (RIP) Saponitown NC, I have no ties to Africa I'am tied to America and to the Cherokees and to the Blacks in the South (North Carolians), I wish CNN stop calling all Black folks African American we need a forum on this it is to many nationalities in our race from being  Americans we even have half Europeans. God Bless America and the rights to bear arms. US ARMY (Veteran) 82nd Airborne Fort Bragg NC (Smoke bomb Hill)

Warmest Regards


The Black Cherokee

Comment by John Argo
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Both of you are faggets!

Comment by Steven Arthurs
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 Great interview Ernie. You and Chris great job on Mon.

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Ahahahahaha!  Ernie's disingenuous because he doesn't manufacture conflict and act like there's disagreement!  That's rich.

Comment by Dave Gallagher
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"Where is Chris?"

"Hiding from you"

Classic !

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