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The Phoenix Police sent a letter that was posted on Rick Sanchez's CNN Blog about AR-15

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(The Phoenix Police sent a letter that was posted on Rick Sanchez's CNN Blog)
August 18, 2009
Posted: 07:01 PM ET

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Rick follows up on that video that shows a man outside a President Obama event in Phoenix with an AR-15 on his back. In this interview, he asks Ernest Hancock of, why carry guns to a public gathering, whether it’s legal or not? You gotta watch this.

Blog editor’s note: After today’s newscast, we heard from Phoenix Police Sergeant Andy Hill. He had this to say about the meeting Ernest Hancock referred to during the interview:

“The Phoenix Police Department has had a Community Response Unit for many years whose task is to interact with all possible community groups and organizations.
The purpose is to encourage an open dialogue and address issues.
When it comes to demonstrations, open communication with those who plan on demonstrating is critical to the public safety.
The building up of trust with these groups enables us to understand their intent, to plan accordingly, and to explain to them the law and what the parameters are with law enforcement.
We work with our federal, state, and local partners who work events with us and share public safety information.
The purpose of the meeting with the person in question you asked about was to facilitate good communication and understanding of the group’s plan, our response, and the parameters within which we would work to protect the public and enforce the law.
Their demonstration was met with our public safety plan, and the result was no law violations, no arrests, and a safe public.”



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