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Jet and I went to get our flu shots! They did not have the N1H1 we where looking for :) Video

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Jet and I got Flu shots! Enjoy the video and meet us down at the Workshop this Wednesday for a meeting to talk about what we are going to do to educate the public!

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Comment by Psychictaxi
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Does anyone know what happens when a human is injected with 0.3 micrograms of mercury? 

Comment by Bennichs
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Freaking great job! 

Comment by Psychictaxi
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 According to the Center For Disease Control, the ingredients of Fluvirin is as follows:

Beta-Propiolactone , Egg Protein, Neomycin, Polymyxin B, Polyoxyethylene 9-

10 Nonyl Phenol (Triton N-101, Octoxynol 9), Thimerosal (multidose

containers), Thimerosal* (single-dose syringes)

Asterisk denotes:

*Where “thimerosal” is marked with an asterisk (*) it indicates that the product should be considered equivalent to

thimerosal-free products. This vaccine may contain trace amounts (

thimerosal removal, but these amounts have no biological effect. JAMA 1999;282(18) and JAMA 2000;283(16)

Info as of April 2009

list also includes ingredients of many vaccines.

Good video guys!


Comment by Annie Oakley
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You guys are great! Thanks kazillions and will send video this to many! Too bad you couldn't get them to tell you these "harmless" little shots are loaded with more Aluminum than usual; Diseased flesh of African Green Monkeys; Resin; Formaldehyde; Mercury (Thimerosal); and the never-approved Squalene = polymer and an oil-based adjuvant KNOWN to cause symptoms related to "Gulf War Syndrome" (fibromyalgia, non-healing skin lesions, seizures, MS, chronic headaches; memory loss; arthritis; deadly Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis; to name a few). Basically an irreversible auto-immune response! ( Oh . . and best part! Insurance companies opt out of covering vaccine-related illness AND drug companies, WHO, CDC, FDA, and those giving this shot have legal immunity protection (PREP ACT of 2006)! H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine was recently approved based on clinical trials WITHOUT these harmful and potentially deadly "adjuvants" in the shots! (Squalene as well as ingredients mentioned above were admittedly left out! See their site: (

Comment by Nunya
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Love it!  Thanks guys!  I find it interesting how they will just throw that information away and not even have a copy for people to look at.  Everyone should have the option of knowing what is going into their body.  Whether they read it or not is their choice.

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