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Non-Ron Paul Republican Being Touted by For-Profit Ron Paul Supporter to take $$$

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Chris Simcox may certainly a preferrable candidate to John McCain against whom he is running in the Arizona primary.
While it doesn't say anything about Ron Paul on the main page... , on Chris' own page
it definitely implies that Chris somehow connected to Ron Paul or endorsed by Ron Paul Revolutionaries.
Chris has no connection to Ron Paul and did not endorse Ron Paul for President.  There are some people around who are trying to make people outside of Arizona believe that Chris is a Ron Paul Republican.  He is not.
Chris supports national id and e-verify.  Chris also supports foreign interventionism including the UN-conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Comment by Tom Dowdey
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This is going to happen over... and over... and over in the coming months.

It is a graphic example of the co-mingling of 912/Beck activists with Paulites.

I'm seeing it more and more.... on Daily Paul as well. (sigh)

Comment by Brock Lorber
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The Know-Nothings would be proud.