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Beware: Avatar Of Islam Rules The Land

Written by Edwin Sumcad Subject: Obama Administration

     Climb the belfry and sound the alarm … we are now becoming a country of Muslims and followers of Islam!

      Muslim Jihad need not blow up our buildings and kill Americans anymore [my hope] … we are turning – if not what we already are -- into a country of Islam!

      Jihadists have President Obama on their side.  He sees to it that turning the country into Islam is on course.

      It is part of the Obama mantra for change reverberating across the land that he himself had written in stone while he was still running for president – his pledge to change America into something never been seen before! 

       Americans who voted for Obama in the last 2008 presidential probably haven’t realized how serious the radical change for America was going to be – they are going to be Americans in a new Islamland right here in the Western Hemisphere, if not at least Muslim converts that, like Obama, accept Islam as a way of life.

     For the first time in the history of the United States, the President of the United States bowed to the Muslim king of Saudi Arabia in one of the international gatherings of heads of states that took place following Obama’s election to the U.S. presidency.

     It was a serious breach of protocol … an unprecedented dishonor to the American people when he positioned his butt to the camera by bowing to a king of Islam, a total disgrace to this most powerful nation on the planet; news breaking videotapes pictured President Obama showing the way how to honor and respect Muslims -- how Americans should bow down to a Muslim king to dramatize the way how Americans should humbly embrace Islam as part of their American way of life.

     Television footages of international and local coverage of “shocking” events of historic proportion about Obama copied on videotapes are circulating as evidence or “proof” that Obama is a Muslim, a follower of Islam and a preacher-advocate of the Islamic teachings of Koran.  Only Americans who are politically, ideologically or mentally living in this virtual secluded colonies of Obamanites in America’s newly created moral and social landscape are in absolute denial not only off this ugly but also frightening reality.

     In one of those videoed “proofs”, Obama had announced to the world among others, that America is no longer a Christian country but a country of Muslims. According to him, the United States has the most number of mosques ever built for Islam, and a country having the largest Muslim population in the world! It was Muslim culture – not necessarily European or Asian culture -- that had enriched America and turned this country into the mightiest nation on the planet! For that credit, he praised Islam’s religious culture; in arts and sciences he had talked lengthily about the debt of civilization to Islam. 

      That’s how great Islam America is going to be under Obama’s watch … unwavering in his determination to change life in America.

      That as president, Obama would fight anyone who stereotypes any Muslim as enemy of the state … or a statement to that effect,  approximates jihadists’ declaration of war against America, and also surprisingly this avowal is in conformity with terror’s agenda to kill every American whenever opportunity presents itself and eventually defeat America.

      In retrospect, this recent development, nerve-wracking as it is to millions of Americans, is both good news and bad news. 

      The good news is, in this war on terror, there is this imagined possibility that Islamic Jihadists might not anymore pursue their solemn vow before their Allah to kill or subjugate Americans and defeat America by violent means if in fact America is turning into a Muslim country that would embrace Islam as part of the emerging American way of life. 

      If Americans kneel or bow down to them as a recognition and acceptance of their power and superiority like what President Obama himself had shown as an example when as president he bowed down  to the Muslim king of Saudi Arabia, then that’s already a moral victory for Islam’s jihadists without necessarily cutting off any single American head or slashing the throat of any American in a brutal display of triumph of Jihad for Islamic dominance of this country and the world over!

      If such is the case, there is no more need for Osama bin Laden, his hooded terror CEOs and/or planning group of assassins to plot the most egregious way how to plant and detonate a nuclear bomb in the subway or ram jetliners through buildings in New York or Los Angeles, or explode them in midair with hundreds of innocent civilians on board.

      All Americans need to do is trust Obama, then cross their fingers.  The remaining millions of about to be extinct Christian Americans may just recite the Lord’s Prayer for blessing and deliverance that that is just what it’s going to be, and nothing more.

     The bad news is that it is the President of the United States himself who is seeing to it that Islam and Muslim jihadists get what they want.

       As a result there is this smell of treason in the air – the kind that is legally beyond any constitutional comparison.  The entire population becomes warlike against each other. Kicking the bucket in protest or total disagreement to what Obama is doing is anger about to explode as hatred has become so suffuse it permeates and saturates the land!

     And this is going one way from bad to worse especially when liberal extremists and leftist radicals get into the way by intensifying their propaganda to hate America as an evil empire to defeat and destroy. 

     Hatred against “evil” America had intensified when Obama publicly admitted to leftist presidents Julio Chavez of Venezuela and Daniel Noriega of Nicaragua -- who attacked the United States in the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago in April 2009 -- the evil deeds of America and blamed it on his predecessor George W. Bush. 

     Obama washed his hands clean and in fact had promised the enemies of the United States and the rest of the world that he was going to change what has been projected as a “bad,” “dirty” or “evil” America.  He is the new Messiah that would change America for them and in their behalf, and for Obamanites that declared commitment deserves the world’s standing ovation!  But those who are standing in the middle of the road and therefore obstructing Obama’s way, feel as if they were struck down by a hit-and-run truck with Obama on the wheel driving under Islamic influence [DUII – equivalent to DUI in our DMV law]!


The enemy within took advantage of Obama’s ideological and psychological overture beatifying Islam. That because Americans are “evil”, any attack on America – targeting the Military for one -- is not only poetic justice or Godly but an act of God itself!

      This led politicized cuckoos in the Military like Major Nidal Hasan and his kind elsewhere, to believe without any iota of doubt that America Obama wanted to change is, in their eyes and in the eyes of the world, truly Satanic!

      Thus consumed by insuperable hatred of America and what America stands for, Hasan snapped murdering 12 and wounding 31 army personnel, medical staff and civilians in a frightening bloodbath. For several days running to weeks and probably for  months more as of this writing, Fort Hood, Killeen, Texas where this happened is a virtual  Mecca of people in the media searching for the answer as to why this bloodshed has to occur in the Military itself when upon investigation the killing turned out to be that kind of butchery which was aptly described as grossly irresponsible, imprudent and senseless.

      What the investigators could not find in their investigations was what lurked in the mind of this soldier mass murderer. In the final analysis, I stand pat on my own findings and conclusion, that Hasan’s case is one that symbolizes the ceremonial hoisting of the flag of death to warn America that the killing season is here! I tend to review and view this kind of incident historically: The mass murder is one of those scary stories of psychopaths whose screwed up life ends up in a killing spree.

      Shocking as it is, to murder as many as they can kill, preferably by using automatic weapons, was their only way out of their anti-social self-imprisonment for life that hatred against America and what it stands for create.

     The epidemic of hate that explodes in the hearts of Americans is just part of the transition as the national leadership is leading the country down the road to embrace Obama’s Islamic socialism – a radical change to which President Obama was committed to fulfill the rest of his term in office.  

      To prove to all and sundry that Obama had advanced deeper in the process of Islamizing the country, two more disciples of Islam faith out of a truckload of them already on board, had just been appointed to join the Obama administration: Arif Alikhan, a devout Muslim as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development, and Kareem Shora as member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council.

      Webmaster Felimar Blanco, a writer known to millions of his readers in the Web, called these new appointees “Wolves herding the sheep.” 

      How many jihad counselors are now in the Obama administration is too ominous to figure out. Their connection to what lies ahead or what shooting headlines would once again rock the nation runs a chill down the spine, especially for those among us who, out of fear, are too disquieted to contemplate.  Hasan was one of those jihadist counselors wearing a military uniform but who was actually a Muslim hater of America known to many friends and acquaintances as a jihad “ticking time bomb”.

     Many views have been written about the shady life of Hasan and this horrifying Fort Hood multiple slaying, but nothing has been written to warn America that the seasonal killing spree that this hate-America syndrome creates is here. One must read this editorial for the first time, to know, and to prepare for yet the worst to come.

      This is a season of deployment of soldiers to Iraq and Afghanistan that is not looked upon with favor, and mostly with deep resentment.  Many more are expected to die in a pre-deployment massacre similar to what happened in our military barracks in Baghdad, in Forth Hood and elsewhere. 

      Also no writer so far, had entered the mind of Hasan, to unravel the puzzle why these weird executions he perpetrated on innocent victims have to take place that shocked the world.  Suffice it to say that hate is hoisting the flag of death as Obama and accomplices are Islamizing the country.

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© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access November 12, 2009.

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Comment by Lolo
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     Lucky Red, you are a very angry “American” judging from your use of foul language “ … you racists, xenophobes, hateful assholes …”


      This cuckoo in the Military Major Nidal Hasan who snapped and committed a mass murder was as angry as you are spewing the same incensed verbal droppings … an ax executioner who thinks that Americans are “racists, xenophobes, hateful assholes … exactly like what you think all Americans are!


       You indicated your conditional willingness to serve this country. Like Hasan, you cannot serve in the Military. As a jihadist in military uniform like Hasan serving Al Qaeda, maybe you can.


      Obama is not only turning this country into Islamland but will fight to defend Islam. “I consider as part of my responsibility as president of the United States, to fight against stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear … We are no longer a Christian country …” Obama.


       In this editorial that you just read, there are very angry Americans who are either like you or like Hasan, a “ticking time bomb”. This line is clear: “… liberal extremists and leftist radicals get into the way by intensifying their propaganda to hate America as an evil empire to defeat and destroy.”  This helps America identify which kind are you, the author warns.







Comment by Lucky Red
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 Amerika is going to be a country of Islam?  Really!  I'd be betting on Fascism before I bet on Islam but you racists, xenophobes, hateful assholes can see it your way.  Now, if I were as plagued by those fears as you are, I'd join the army and go fight them on their own turf.

Giddy up!  And put your money where your sewer mouth is.