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4409 -- Easter bunny eggs photo radar!

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4409 Easter special...Even Peter cottontail is tired of the fraud!
The Cameras are Coming down


YOU have the power to Unite people!

YOU have the power to change things!

YOU have the power to stand your ground and say enough!

This is YOUR country and YOU are America!

Viva Voce 4409

Thank you to all who have supported me through your prayers and persistent forwarding of the message. Without you, we are lost...thank you!

Special thanks to Drew for help filming and Tesla for help with egg production.

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Comment by Powell Gammill (13871)
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Petr has some big eggs of his own doing that at the Tempe University Square location where a heck of a lot of cops pass by...but, then so do a heck of a lot of people. 

Nice job!

Comment by David Alpha (13254)
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For the win! Looks like someone beat you to that camera, though... the front looked all smashed in. Happy Easter Redflex... and may all your little "eggs" around this state rot and spoil this summer.

Comment by Ernest Hancock (1003)
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