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Rand Paul & Jack Conway ('s eeeeeelection time!)

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(We'll be watching this race to see just what you have to do to get elected,... something we should know,... right? And maybe we can help keep the race focused on the issues that are at least in the top half of America's list of questions) 
Surely Jack Conway Cannot be Serious

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Bowling Green, Kentucky –
 Jack Conway has been busy today wrestling against the truth and trying to fool Kentucky citizens on the issues.


First, Conway flat out invented more positions for Dr. Paul by claiming that the longtime taxpayer advocate somehow favors tax increases.  Apparently unaware that budgets can and should be balanced without tax increases, the Conway campaign mistook Dr. Paul’s pledge to propose and vote for balanced budgets as a sign he would increase taxes.   Unlike Jack Conway, Dr. Paul has signed a pledged not to raise taxes.


And, while Dr. Paul admires Conway’s audacity to spend an entire year campaigning on trimming less than 1 percent of the budget and pretending that would solve our problems, that’s not going cut it.


Our current budget is over 3.6 TRILLION dollars.  Our debt is over $13 trillion.  And our annual deficit will be at least $1.5 trillion dollars this year.  Jack Conway’s attempts to turn his meager 1 percent spending reductions into a plan that fits with “pay as you go” or any other form of fiscal responsibility would be laughable if this weren’t such a serious matter.


The fact is, neither party has been very serious about cutting spending and balancing budgets.  But the problem has certainly become far worse under Conway ’s allies Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.   They have nearly tripled our deficit in just two years and have no credibility on the spending issue.


We won’t change Washington unless we change the people we send there.  People like Jack Conway, who think a one percent spending cut is fiscally responsible, are precisely the people we need to throw out.




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What is the source for this? Is this a press release from the Paul campaign?