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Fight Organized Crime Re-Elect NO ONE in WASHINGTON

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Phoenix AZ - Owner of Budget Signs places 6 x 13 ft sign in front of his business stating “Fight Organized Crime Re-Elect NO ONE in WASHINGTON". 
I talked to Dan the owner of Budget Signs and he said "I am fed up with the crooks and liars in government. The politicians are looking out for themselves. I am advocating for a change. President Obama is change and he is big mistake, we have to get rid of him right away. I believe he is running the country into the ground....On Purpose! We have to vote the majority of them out of office. McCain is one that needs to be voted out and Hayworth is crook too. Clinton too is a crook. They are all just nasty people. The politicians are looking out for themselves and they are saying screw the American people."
"I am going to be doing bumper stickers too. I have had a couple people stop in and say thanks and good job. I have had 2 other people order the same banner."
"Anyone new who goes to Washington is going to get corrupted its only a question of time."
I asked Dan if he would be in favor of an option in the election of None of the Above? A no confidence vote. When None of the Above candidate wins the election with the majority vote the post is not filled till there is a new election. Dan replied “that's a good Idea, I never though about that”
I mentioned to him that the problem with the voting system is the people are stuck with the option of bad guy 1 or bad guy 2 you have to vote for one or the other so I will vote for the lesser of 2 evils. I do not have the option to vote and not vote for anyone. Dan said “it's worth a try anything would be better than the current system.”
After 3 weeks he has not had any negative regarding the banner. "I have had people stopping and taking pictures and the other local business have given me 'good job' for doing it."
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Dan with a V Mask!

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Great article & effort by Dan. Join us on Facebook where we're getting ready for November:

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