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I enlarged the Obama "long form" image to 600%...

Written by Subject: Obama Administration
Publisher: I can't imagine my voluntary consent to be Ruled, Governed or Represented by another human being. And _NO_ piece of paper is going to change that one way or the other.
That said,... for your entertainment and consideration...
I enlarged the Obama "long form" image to 600%...
If you already understand the basics of graphic manipulation skip to page 3.  Page one and two are a tutorial on what to look for.

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Comment by Lawrence Oshanek
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OBAMA IS LEGALLY ENTITLED TO A BIRTH CERTIFICATE FROM HAWAII. I have posted this on one other story on this site but it is worth the repeat here ..... Sighhhhh .... Google: Hawaii Revised Statutes. 338-17.8 and then Google Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate (or, if you are too lazy to do that - let me know and I will find it for you - the Obama/Kenyan document has been on the web for about 2 years and it is significant as it shares with the HBC the same time of birth which is a very significant fact). __________________________________________________________________ The United States of America was not always a budding stasi/fasist control state as it so appears to be now. I actually have or did have a birth certificate from Hawaii (in a storage box somewhere or lost).... my dad was stationed there in 1945 until 1946/47 .... problem is, my dad was born in Canada in 1898 and was a Canadian military attaché in the Hawaiian Territory with diplomatic status (he never took out or intended to take out US citizenship or had or needed a "green" card nor was he any kind of immigrant or migrant in or to the US) and he was always 100% Canadian, as was my mother (born in Canada in 1913) and as I was born in Canada in 1947 (where mother returned to so my citizeship would never be questioned). When I travelled in the US in the 60's, I took out a Hawaii birth certificate based on the (pre?) 1949 Territory of Hawaii statute that allowed me to do so simpily because my father was a "resident" (proof of United States citizenship was not then a requirement when I applied for a birth certificate in 1966 - either mine or dad's - only father's proof of residency was required) in Hawaii for over a year and I could supply his address and even phone number in Hawaii to the registar of births (and which statue was revised again in 1982 as .... Hawaii Revised Statutes. 338-17.8 .... which RSH only added the word "state" in the revised text of the statute) because it make my life easier travelling in the US and crossing the borders .... my so-called "birth certificate" from Hawaii was a convenience for me at the time and a family joke for many years afterwards. Just as may well be Mr. Obama's. The checks and balances recent American paranoia has produced respecting the sanctity of birth documents (identity thief, etc,) did not exist 45 years ago! Under that law, which I believe was intended to minimize and marginalize the political power of the original ethnic Hawaiians (who wanted to restore their monarchy) by the American occupiers: that is: birth certificate = right to vote (surprised that Americans would use such dirty tricks against an indigenous population?) Hahahahahaha UNDER HAWAIIAN LAW IT DOES NOT MATTER WHERE OBAMO WAS BORN FOR HIM TO GET A HAWAIIAN BIRTH CERTIFICATE - ONLY THAT HIS PARENTS OR GRANDPARENTS COULD PROVE THEY LIVED IN HAWAII FOR ONE YEAR! Got it? Obama was entitled to a Hawaiian birth certificate (reguardless of where he was born) in any event because his mother and grandparents lived there for a considerable time and the PDF 'adjustments" became necessary because certain things on the Certificate had to be "adjusted" to remove the fact that the original certificate issued to his mother or grandparents would have had his actual bithplace recorded on it as mine does. I guess I could have been an American president too ... Please call me when the job becomes open ... I can govern from outside the US because I will no longer travel to or in it. LOL