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Billy Foust Gunned down by De Facto Page Policeman

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Billy Foust Gunned down by De Facto Page Policeman
William Foust, or Billy as he was known to his friends, was killed by a De facto policeman who was responding to a domestic violence call at about 6:00 PM on Sunday June 19th, which happened to be Father’s Day.
An eye witness says that Bill was attempting to leave in his property in his Ford Pickup --the one with a flame paint job on the side—when the policeman confronted him.  Bill’s truck was on Bill’s property, known as B&T Marine, when the policeman engaged him.
The policeman, Shawn Wilson, pulled Bill out of his property and a confrontation ensued.  The police say Bill was going for the officer’s tazer and the policeman shot him, and handcuffed him. Another De facto Page officer arrived on the scene. They removed one of the handcuffs from Bill’s lifeless body and performed CPR in an attempt to revive him.  His body was transported to Page’s Banner hospital where they claim is where he died.
Bill is well loved and respected member of the Arizona Republic since its inception in July 2009 and was elected as its first Chief Justice.  Bill became self aware and studied extensively.  Bill was not an armchair quarterback and applied the principles of what he learned to his encounters with the De facto government.  Bills penchant for understanding the law and justice can be seen on the youtube channel republicusagold and searched for under “Man on the Land Arizona”
Bill filed affidavit of political status, Uniform Commercial Code financing statement, a property list, power of attorney, commercial security agreement, indemnity bond, hold harmless and indemnity agreement, non-negotiable security agreement, legal notice and demand definitions, along with a motion to dismiss with the de facto court in Kanab, Utah after receiving a security instrument from a de facto policeman in Kane County, Utah on July 1st 2010.  Bill also refused to admit hearsay evidence into the court record including his date of berth. Bill uncovered that the court of Kanab was a corporation and that the head judge, who also threw Bill in jail, was the general manager of the corporation known as the Kane County Court. 
Court records indicate that a federal lawsuit regarding a civil rights violation has been filed by Bill against Judge Kirk F Heaton,  Robert C Van Dyke, Kane County attorney Jim R Scarth, Andrew Thachery, Kane County Sheriff Lamont Smith, Kane County Justice Court, Kane County Sheriff Department, Utah Highway Patrol and Clerk of the Kane County Court.
It is said “in order to be a great man, first you got to be a MAN”   Many of those who knew Billy would tell you he was unequivocally a great man.

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Has a Ad Hoc Committee been set up to investigate, the a ledge phone call, when did it come in, where did it come from, who made it, the PERSON who took the call, who did the sent dispatch and all recording's there of, who was sent out and responded to the call and did the shooting, had there been any conformation between these tow before, what has this PERSONS past history been? How long has this PERSON been with the department? Has this PERSON been in Federal employment before? If so What agency i.e. CIA, FBI..., what he did after he fired the shot(s), the second responding PERSON, what all he did, when the call went out for a Bus (ambulance), when it arrived, what all they did, what was spoken to them if anything by Billy, his state or condition from pick up to the hospital, the response teem at the hospital- what all they did once he was brought in. How long it took to stabilize the peasant for transport to the hospital? How long did they work on him once there?

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Comment by Eugene Holling
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I miss you Bill RIP

Comment by Ed Price
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Who likes the idea of dying? Who likes the idea of a great freedom warrior being assassinated? No honest, freedom-loving person does.

Yet, "It is given unto men once to die, but after this the judgment."

"He who laughs last laughs best."

First, we need to know what being right is, and then we need to do it.

I don't know where Mr. Faust stood regarding faith in God. But I strongly suspect and expect that he will be standing in the judgment in a higher position than those who plotted against him, and the one who gunned him down.

Comment by Freedom Man Public
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Those damn federal prosecutors, Judges, etc. probably put a contact on Billy. What a great guy! I learned a lot from him. May he rest in peace!
Comment by jude jeter
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I hope you can read this, I don't understand the browser thing above. are there any details on the call to the police itself? Surely his wife would not call, knowing what could happen? was he set up? I just discovered this wonderful man tonight and looked him up only to find this tragic news. My condolences to those who loved him. and my deepest respect for his efforts to make Americans free. My heart is heavy tonight...why do all the true free men so often find themselves at the end of police guns, too frequently with such tragic results? RIP Sir. :(
Comment by H. Skip Robinson
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It is sad that so many American Police Officers have chosen to be a part of the various fascist government departments throughout this nation that have been oppressing and suppressing freedom through various malum prohibitum laws and heavy progressive taxes-the 2nd platform of Communism, via excessive fines, false arrests and imprisonment. Police brutality has been caught on video so many times that it is no longer unusual news. My brother was falsely arrested under domestic violence charges only later to have his ex-wife recant her incriminating lies. It was she that should have been arrested according to my niece for both domestic violence and fraud. Police Officers often times arrest people without having probably cause and that is a fact that also comes to light so often it is no longer real news. Name one major police organization in America that hasn't had numerous numbers of police officers prosecuted for drugs, fraud, police brutality and other such criminal activities. Dirty Police and corrupt politicians are sadly a way of life in America and neglecting and ignoring such facts is not being intellectually honest. If such activities were not so common that would be another story and just think how many cops don't get caught. I can only guess that it is an internal problem stemming from the force of government, we call police power, and as we all know power does appear to be corruptive. When people choose to be in bed with those that are corrupt, the politicians and judges, from what history has shown, they become as guilty as them. And don’t give me that nonsense that it’s only a few bad apples because the intellegent Citizens of this nation know better. They have chosen to be a part of the fascistic state and therefore they are no longer true police officers in my opinion, they are now part of the problem.     


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