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The "MoneyDome"

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We're Getting ready for Porcfest2012

(Building Party for 3 more domes - May 2013)

Drew - Ernie - Keith - Dean

Bob Anderson and Donna Hancock

Desert Dome


We Built the frame for a 3 Phase

From 1/2 inch Electrical Conduit ($2 for a 10 foot length) with an 8' Radius

Conduit Dome Tips


5/8s Dome Construction Map















Here are a couple more links to other sites that have dome calculators:

Assembly Diagram:

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Comment by Keith Cyrnek
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Great...give the police state another idea to cage me...thanks Drew for the inspiration and Ernie for making it happen and the eventual mass production of a cage near you...In the meantime, I will be making activist T-shirts and baby-wear.

Comment by sheseekstruth
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Wow...what a bunch of good looking freedom minded patriots!!

Comment by Tyger
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A new, temporary DOME-icile?