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4409 -- Photo radar activist targeted by Police accused of disorderly conduct

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Attorney Marc Victor

Notice how the police report LIED about what happened that they ALWAYS do. THAT is why I was filming at the time but of course they impounded the phone but refused to look at it.

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Comment by Powell Gammill (13871)
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Well I know you didn't have intent because you would have had a better camera with you. You should post the raw footage.  Be sure to request any police video/audio they may have.  Couldn't tell if cop was wearing any video equipment.  Possible his car video/audio was on. Or he uses an audio recorder. 

Surveillance cams in area?  Probably too late as arrest was in May.

Get that 42USC1983 filed in federal court and all the subpena, discovery, disclosure and deposition powers that come with it.


Comment by Powell Gammill (13871)
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Shelton is making a nice career out of suing various government entities for violating his rights.  This makes about his third trip through the Scottsdale government's rabbit hole with Shelton retasking more of the resident's confiscated earnings. Hope you hit six figures this time, Shelton. 

The last trial in Judge Monty's courtroom with Marc Victor defending was a hoot and a real eye opener into the "impartiality" of justice. 

Be sure to subpena the van's video--it constantly shoots and is permanently recorded so it will tell whether you blocked the cameras (which is not a crime).  Still the initial charge is disorderly condict.  Short for willful failure to obey and keep quiet.