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Budwig Protocol for Health (Recipe with Pictures)

Written by Subject: Health and Physical Fitness
The Budwig Protocol has been featured in previous editions of the Freedom's Phoenix e-Zine about the statistical success behind this treatment for cancer, as well as the science to back it up.
This article will simply supply you with the recipe, and step by step instructions on how to make it.

Here is the recipe for the Budwig Protocol:

2/3 cup of organic low-fat cottage cheese (very important it's organic and low-fat)

6 tablespoons of Barleen's cold pressed flaxseed oil (or other brand of cold pressed flax seed oil)

Blend 2 minutes with immersion blender until mixture is thoroughly blended (no oil separation)

Add 2 tablespoons fresh ground flax seed meal

1/3 cup of organic berries (if available) or chopped nuts 

Cinnamon to taste if

Add water to thin mixture if necessary

Stir with spoon if necessary, but don't make it too thin



Put Cottage Cheese and Flax Seed Oil in a steep bowl or jar:

Mix with an immersion blender for two minutes until emulsified (this is a very important step - the mixture must not have any oil separated from the cottage cheese, or the 'magic' is lost):

This is the mixture will look like when property emulsified (will have the consistency of frosting):

Grind the flax seeds in a coffee grinder uand grind until very fine (you must do this as you need them and not ahead of time, as flax seeds go rancid after 20 minutes) - put into mixture and stir by hand:

Add a cap or two of vanilla extract (or any other flavoring you like) - mix the rest of the ingredients by hand into the mixture:

Add Raw Honey and Cinnamon (to taste):

Add whatever fruit you like:

Enjoy! - Although the main ingredients in this protocol are the organic low-fat cottage cheese and the cold pressed flax seed oil, the other ingredients are added to make the mixture easier to swallow:


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