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Written by Subject: Techno Gadgets
Ernest Hancock is in Las Vegas, NV at the Annual Consumer Electronics Show, scouting out the latest technogadgets and technology....
Ernest will be posting pictures of the event (you can go to for all the current photos, or check out the photos below that are posted thruoughout the day). Stay tuned for updates...
More Pictures Cont'd...

January 10th, 2014: Big Wheel downhill drifting for Daddy tablet reading in bed... finally!
display in the air.
the future of all computer interface! Serioisly

photo sensitive resin $2k-3k 25-150 microns 35mm hight per hour
January 9th, 2014:

photo sensitive resin $2k-3k 25-150 microns 35mm hight per hour: $10,000 photosensitive resins (very dense and smooth):

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