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The Dems do not care about the will of the American People

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The Dems do not care about the will of the American People. So they ship in millions of low-IQ immigrants and give them handouts, to coerce them to vote blue.

They didn't like the way we voted, so they  brought in new voters.

This is why the Dems oppose the wall, border security, voter ID, etc., because their power relies on illegal immigration keeping them in office.

They never believed walls were racist. They never actually cared about "kids in cages". They never cared about immigrants. It's always been about election fraud.

They sold out the American People in order to take and retain power. They turned our cities into sh*tholes for their own gain. They ruined the American Dream to line their own pockets off of the fruit of our labor.

And then called you a Nazi for recognizing it.

"Traitorous" is an understatement.

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Self-interest by Congress is the problem. Lobbyists offer campaign donations and insider info for suggested votes. The Republicans make no move to review the humongous run-away spending on the military. It is the patriotic national security thing to do. The Deficit Spending is being used to enforce and further Wall Street's/Rothschild Great Reset. The Fed is embezzling every dollar of Deficit Spending by auctioning the DS securities as components of Redeeming Treasury securities. They then illegally pocket the profit to shareholders of the FR Board of Governors, Inc., mingled with funds for Redeeming. The Auction accounts have never been audited.   Ref; 31 CFR §375.3.  The Constitution is written to prevent a Standing Army.  That provision was abrogated in 1947. Ref: Art. I, section 8, clauses 12-16. Further objection to Standing Army is at Declaration of Independence, clause 13.