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Comment by Brock
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Kerr's question was spot on.

Throughout my military career, the Air Force went to pains to prove that the military was a profession according to Huntington's definition.

My personal observation of women in my training program left me with no doubt as to the wisdom of welcoming women into the rank and file. They were more motivated and qualified than their male counterparts.

Ten years later, as I was directed to stop overt biases against gays and lesbians (don't ask, don't tell), I knew the first mind I had to change was my own. I was successful on both counts, at least within my unit and mind.

A professional corps is color-blind, unconcerned with sex, age, and ethnicity of its members, and should have no opinion whatsoever with the sexual orientation of members or clients. A military that continues to carry an exclusionary bias on sexual orientation is, by definition, unprofessional.

Of course, since the "government" ignores the wisdom of von Clauswitz, Sun Tzu, and Huntington, I can't expect any deference to my opinion.

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