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Comment by Anonymous
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 I dispise using the pro-tax argument to illustrate this point, but can't help it when there's an opportunity to illustrate (big L) Libertarian hypocracy.

Libertarians are all whipped up about a 2% tax on food, which amounts to $2 per $100 spent, with an average annual take per person of approximately $100/year. 

If you look at ALL SALES taxes, calculate it out.  How much do you spent per year (except groceries)?  Multiply by 8.3%.  But you big Ls aren't b*ichting or mustering to fight that.

Now look at property taxes. is going to save property taxpayers approximately $500 million in year one and $200 mill in year two ON TOP of $500 mill, only to increase year after year.  It will also eliminate the need to fight every bond and override measure that they concoct statewide forever.

Big L Libertarians aren't on board for that though because they say that there should be NO tax on property (which I agree with).

Using the same logic, Big L Libertarians should OPPOSE efforts to fight the 2% sales tax and be working on a constitutional initiative to eliminate ALL sales tax.

But who ever said Big L Libertarians were consistent in practice? (LOL).

To remain consistent, Big Ls would support, but they wont.  Why?  Because by nature, they are hypocrites.

Challenge that unassailable logic!

Comment by Nick Barnett
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Why don't you go to a L meeting and talk to them about it?

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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Dear anonymous tax lover,

Libertarians are all whipped up about a 2% tax on food because they know that it will not stop at 2%.

Its funny how you are telling them what they should be working on...lmao

Comment by Anonymous
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 L meetings are a waste of time. 

4409, lol, I do not love taxes.  Even if the food tax were 4%, you only illustrate my point which is that for L's to be consistent relative to their position on property taxes, they would OPPOSE the referendum against the food tax and run a constitutional initiative opposing all state tax.

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