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Comment by tittiger
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And I would love to see this monsters head in a nose on a gallows.

What do you think?

Comment by Kalantiaw
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Gun rights -- sorry not a dollar for your cause.

Thumbprint won’t stop the mentally unstable to use gun and whoop innocent bystanders sending them to the hospital or to their early grave if not turning up victims maimed for life, but it is a faster means and a more effective way of tracing gun ownership in this nation’s campaign to minimize if not stop gun violence.

Any politician in Congress, not just Newt Gingrich, who supports this legislation, is the true servant of the people. Those who oppose are just the devil’s advocates and promoters of their own self-interest.

Dudley Brown, Executive Director of National Association for Gun Rights, who is vigorously campaigning to promote UREGULATED gun ownership, callously demonizes Newt Gingrich for carrying the mandate of the American people to regulate gun ownership. Brown turned himself into the "bad guy" and made Gingrich the

"good guy".

Brown couldn’t be the good guy because he is showing his indifference to the horrifying results of stray handguns and dangerous weapons falling into the hands of the mentally disturbed or in the possession of dangerous sociopaths who bring havoc to our present society that’s addicted to handguns and high-powered machineguns. This gun-addiction bastardizes the Second Amendment when gun-junkies circulate their belief that to have an arsenal of weapons at home is the best means of "self-defense"[???]. That’s a joke – but really, it is not funny.

Anyway, as a warrior of gun rights, this Brown centurion who is fighting for unregulated gun ownership simply ignores two-thirds of the American population who wanted Congress to enact stricter and stronger gun-control laws [].

This segment of the population that demands stricter regulations on gun ownership had "held roughly stable for the last decade …" and Dudley Brown is obviously not aware of it [].

He is oblivious to "several highly publicized incidents of gun violence -- by the students at Columbine High School, the day trader in Atlanta, the white supremacist in Los Angeles – [that] have resulted in calls for increased gun legislation. While most Americans oppose an outright ban on all handguns, there is considerable support among the public for stricter laws governing firearms …" [the latest CBS News poll].

At the end of Brown’s letter to "Gary" [whoever he is] attacking Gingrich, he is asking the public for contribution to support the association’s advertisement pitch – "Standing Up For Freedom"

Standing up for what freedom? The freedom of psychopaths to use guns under the Second Amendment? Freedom of sociopaths to use unregulated ownership of weapons of destruction, with reference to the "Columbine High School shooting, the day trader in Atlanta, the white supremacist in Los Angeles …" ?

Although I have a lot of questions to ask Newt Gingrich myself, Brown has no reward for attacking Gingrich when the former Speaker is right on this thumbprint issue – at least he is right to more than two-thirds of the American population who are demanding Congress should pass stricter gun control laws.

I am so sorry for your unreasonable belligerence, Mr. Brown … not a dollar for your cause.


Comment by Anonymous
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Poorly headlined.

I think the slant in the wording of this headline "Newt Gingrich Wants your Thumbprint to Buy a Gun" is to picture presidential candidate Newt Gingrich as some kind of an anti-gun hydra that should be slain by gun rights fighters. But it looks like it boomeranged.

Editorially, it is poor copywriting [headlining], almost brainless

Comment by John Beck
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Just what part of the 2nd. Amendment don't he UNDERSTAND.

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