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Comment by Ducati Jeanne (13897)
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Ed, what a great article you have written here.  It is appropriate/fitting that you of all people be the one closing the side gate of that house for the last time. 

Gosh, yes...all the incredible times; adventures, dinner parties, meet-ups, work sessions, down times to relax, celebrations.....R3VOLUTION at it's finest.

Indeed history quite often goes unnoticed as such, until it is reflected upon - especially at the time when it is made. 

I hope I never forget all the time spent at 11th Way.

Thank you Ernie and Donna for everything. 

Best regards, 






Comment by David Fouser (32359)
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What a reflection on all the "bees" of the past (husking, sewing, barn building, harvesting, etc.) - this made our country.  Unless recorded, it fades in the rear view mirror of life eventually gone except in memory.  All the more reason to be sure to record it properly much as Laura Ingalls Wilder did in "Little House on the Prairie". 

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