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Jesse Ventura

 Mr. Hancock,   After watching and listening to Jesse Ventura at the Rally for the Republic, I am convinced he is more super-ego than servant.   We need more intelligent and humble servants representing The People rather than men representing themselves and their own grandiose ideas.

Editors Reply

If you have only one spokesperson for a revolution then you got a bad revolution.
Each of us have a voice. Some voices are louder than others,... and even strange to some. But there are many people that listen to the freedom message coming from Mr. Ventura that otherwise wouldn't.
Raise your own voice and don't let anyone speak for you.

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Comment by William1950
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To be in politics does not require a person to be of sound mind, morals or IQ. To become a sucess in politics requires the ability to fire up large numbers of people with meaningless solagans and to keep your face saying just what they want to here, that is that they are great and you can make the world a better place and it will not cost them in time, energy or money.
We have seen the third party try to sell ideas and reason to the greater number of Americans, it fails. We have seen used car dealers become preesident, youth become president both not threw or by saying how they will tax the people or make hard times but by the lie that they can make it fathers knows best land if you turn away and just let them take care of you.
A speaker, a head is needed to retake this great nation. After all if you think the last three presidents were anymore then talking heads your wrong. Yes, it is time for the Americans in search of a leader to start talking, paying and becoming a real force in America today.