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Another Edwin Sumcad "Fan"

Dear FreedomsPhoenix Editor and Publisher,

I\'ll be removing my contact info after I send this letter to you.  I have appreciated some of your articles, though I must say I was highly dismayed at reading (in horror and disbelief) the article by Edwin Sumcad, dealing with the Federal Reserve\'s (in his mind) "governmental status".  I enjoy controversial articles and discussions quite often, but that article was not worthy of reading, printing, server space or commenting on, though I had to in order to try to prevent myself from vomiting.  My comment was written under the pseudonym, "SURFYOGI DAVE".

If that was not an OP-ED hit piece, illusion spinning chunk of tripe, then I\'ve never seen one.  I\'ve been involved in the patriot movement for quite a number of years now so I knew better than to ingest those poisons, but what about the still drowsy eyed neophyte, trying to cut away the webs of deception, distortion and outright lies on their new quest?  That article, I have no doubt was written in that "manner" (oh so authoritative, with court cases and EVERYTHING) to shoot the new fence straddlers and hoppers back into their previous beliefs and thumbsucking oblivion.  It takes courage and a strong spirit to choose to investigate events that are contrary to the entire training of your life.  If I didn\'t already know the truth and was only wearing the thin armor of the newly awakened, I believe I would have been unduly (and wrongfully) coerced back into the shadows of illusion.

If Edwin Sumcad wrote 100 articles and this was the one and only really unforgiveable offering, I for one do not care.  The possible contribution to "truth" in the other 99 is nullified in my mind.  I will never waste another moment of my life on an article of his, nor will I support anybody that supports him, hence the reason that I\'ll not be visiting your website any further.  That was WAY beyond some "equal time" consideration or whatever your rationale was for posting that garbage.  For equal time, there has to be at least some inkling of merit.  It\'s a waste of time, and no mattter how hard you try or how long you work at it, you just can\'t polish a turd.

Edwin Sumcast and Glenn Beck should go compare paycheck signatures and then partake of some heavy petting in the traitor\'s "cloakroom".

To Restored Liberty, Truth and Justice



Editors Reply

Oh I understand.
It's just that damn 'libertarian' thing to allow people to hang themselves with their own words. As time passes you'll be more appreciative of this.

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Comment by Jet Lacey (17811)
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Good Lord!  I had no idea there were so many so-called "libertarian-minded" people out there who are intolerant of others' views to this extent.  The truth of the matter is that there needs to be a low water mark (and in my estimation there is none better that "you know who") for comparitive purposes. 

How many times to we have to go through the same scheiße?

I'd like to offer surfyogidave a brand new holier-than-thou shiny badge and tell him:

"Vaya con Dios.  Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya."