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The Question That Only Libertarians Can Apparently Answer

“How can an organization, when its economic foundation is funded by theft and coercion, be a so-called necessary component to promote and achieve a just and civil society?”

Government has not created the civil society that its proponents have always contended. “Without government we would have anarchy”.  Well, yea with government we ALSO have anarchy, so what their point. Have you checked the crime rate lately or the rising levels of police brutality and prosecutorial corruption?  Have you gone to any of the funerals of the thousands of people killed in warfare from the various American occupations; can’t call them wars because they are Undeclared, contrary and a usurpation to our Constitution.

Chaos is not just physical; it can also be things like unjust and malicious prosecutions that have caused the highest incarceration rates in the world.  It can be an unjust election process that discriminates against 3rd Parties, via media ostracism, not allowing certain individuals into important debates and even voter fraud and manipulations. One person’s chaos can be the foreclosure they are going through or the loss of a job, personal and business bankruptcies, all at historic highs.  Of course having a car stolen and completely striped like my son-in-law Shane just experienced is also a sign of the chaotic times in which we live.  Not one person in America is not feeling the effects of poor government laws yet when you suggest the abolition of a law, such as the Federal Reserve banking system, people immediately challenge it, even though the results of their monopoly power are grossly apparent.

Of course we have had one major Civil War and hundreds of episodes of civil unrest, riots and conflict, often times protecting the very government which creates the repugnant laws the precipitate the injustices’ that the majority are having to endure. That’s pure chaos.     

How about government corruption?  Every government on the planet has a system of kickbacks and bribes to achieve business privileges or the rights to even conduct business. Now, many of the governments are prosecuting some for providing the kickbacks and bribes necessary to get into business.  What governments are doing is basically allowing those with the deepest pocketbook to get or stay in business without having any or little competition and this is both a domestic and international situation as the U.S. is prosecuting American companies when conducting business abroad.  If you don’t pay kick backs and bribes around the world, you will not be given the proper authorizations and permits to be in business.         

One can literally write a series of books on the negative ramifications of the various government interventions yet many people both acquiesce or join the system for personal gain despite what it does for the common good. 

It is naivety and ignorance on the part of those who do not understand the true mechanisms, history and realities of Government interventions into the market place and how true free markets work when not impeded by government that is their problem. Libertarians have long understood these vital issues and told the world thirty-five years ago, that if we did not make some drastic changes to our system that we would someday face the stagflation we are facing today and why.  We even told the world how to do it in a periodic plan to allow all to adjust to the changes.  Now it is too late and the adjustment will now be 100 times more difficult for society to adjust.

Once again I ask you. “How can an organization, when its economic foundation is funded by theft and coercion, be a so-called necessary component to achieve and promote a just and civil society?” 

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Comment by Larken Rose
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"But WITHOUT government, things would be even worse!!" 

Sadly, that's how most statists respond, when they're shown all the destruction and injustice "government" creates. No matter how bad tyranny gets, most complain that a LACK of "government" would be even worse. They were trained by their masters to think that, and logic and evidence rarely shakes their brains loose of that lie. But it's still good to see people trying! Nice article.

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