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Meeting in Black Canyon City, formation of Arizona State Defense Force

This sounds a little over the top at first read; I have another commitment so can't go, if anyone gets to attend please drop me a line and let me know what's up. Thanks. Alan.
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2011 06:44:44 -0700
Subject: Meeting in Black Canyon City, formation of Arizona State Defense Force From:
Charles Yuditsky
Meetings for Arizona State Guard, independents and other state Patriot organizations.

Mike Fry would like for us to have a meeting of as many state patriot organizations as possible. This is being held to gather up support for the future Arizona State Defense Force in anticipation of its creation sometime early next year. If you know of a potentially interested group, send them this communication and have any respondents contact Mike Fry at: 623-521-3612. This should include any and all Patriot bikers, Tea parties, shooting orgs., Border Patriot groups etc.

This is the time for all of us to start figuring out what our input to the process should be.

The meeting will be held at the Rock Springs Saloon in Black Canyon City on Friday, Oct. 7th, 19:00 Hrs (That is 7 P.M. for all civvies). Black Canyon City is a disagreeable little town about 30 miles north of Phoenix. Mike choose it as it is a sort of a half-way point between Flag and Queen Creek.

I believe the focus of the meeting will be a synopsis of what will be happening at the State level, organization and coalition building and general information. We may also want to discuss methods of getting various groups to see our common goals and, using that as a basis, develop methods of reducing friction and resolving conflicts. Hopefully we can go over Quartzite stuff. Mike has already accepted a position as the officer in charge, Captain, of the S-4 (logistics) shop. This is an indicator that the Defense Force is being implemented as a Battalion-level military organization.

There are many different ways to assemble a battalion. I have attached a description, based upon discussions with Mike, of what our battalion may look like. Please open the attachment and have a look.

Further information can be found here:

IMPORTANT - we may use Skype to assist with teleconferencing, so contact Mike if you need to call in.

In addition, on Saturday Oct, 15th, there will be a shindig on I-8 held in honor of the Pinal Co. Sherriff's office "If they are Patriots, then tow them" policy.
Please contact me, Chuck Yuditsky for details at: 480-709-0353.
The rally point for this event will be 200 meters north of State Route 84, on Ralston Road, on the side of Ralston Road, at 06:00.
For some of us this will be a daytime One Day Train-up with an over-night patrol, but it really is a freestyle affair. Bring your desert gear and lots of cold water.

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Comment by Chip Saunders
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I'll be attending and will enter a report of my impressions.

Comment by Treavor Presentlyinphoenix
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I've spent some time talking to the Arizona Rangers. I was psyched when I first heard they were a "state authorized militia" and hoped it was along the lines of our state constitutionally authorized state militia. They were interesting. They told me they mostly volunteer for traffic direction and  parades and fund raisers BUT they had an objective to achieve tactical training even better than our LEOs. And point of fact, as I look into them, they aren't any such thing as a state sponsored militia.

I was also given the impression that Arizona Rangers aren't interested in long-haired dudes who rely on their bicycle for their main means of transportation. Which makes it less of a call to duty than a club of old conservative dudes who like wearing uniforms and badges. 

I was hopeful that Babeau would bring in the possies in a more meaningful way for border issues. I wouldn't work with Nickel Bag Joe to serve coffee. Not sure how our new Yavapai sheriff feels yet. Not even sure how militias apply to Northern AZ, we have a lack of the challenges faced by Southern counties.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Hummm, how many years did the Viper Team (MSM aka Viper Militia) get to keep Clinton's pecker off the front page?

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