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In Letter, Pinochet Called Abuses in Chile 'Necessary'

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In a letter to Chileans written to be published after his death, Gen. Augusto Pinochet said he wished he hadn't had to stage the bloody 1973 coup that put him in power and called the abuses during his long rule inevitable.

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Comment by Old Man
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We often justify the means by the end. We may see something we don't like here as well. Just as we see riots in France, we may see them here as well. Socialism is not a good way to run a nation but, that is what the voters have chosen here. Should we have some violent overthrow because voters have chosen something bad?

I don't believe so. So, what are my choices?

Since I live in a free nation where I can come and go, I have two choices other than staying and accepting socialism. One. I can try to convince the nation it is wrong to think socialism will work and try to get it to return to founding principles. Or, I can leave and go to nation that is using capitalim and policies closer to the founder's beliefs for what is good government "of the people, by the people, for the people." Or a totalitarian nation like China where the government forces people to use capitalism or a nation like some in the Eastern Block of Europe that are growing rapidly, have personal accounts for social security, flat or other low taxes to encourage growth, etc.

What I don't have an option to do is attempt to overthrow the majority. For all his good intentions, he was still a dictator that oppressed his people. For the good that came out of reform, there were the violations of human rights. While it is understandable for a person to resent socialism, his timing was off. If he had waited until the majority wanted the socialist, marxist regime gone, he would have been viewed differently. He would have been supporting the majority instead of controlling and oppressing them.

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