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Mike Gravel and Ron Paul are cluttering up our debates

• Washington Post editorial board
Voters trying to sort out their presidential choices aren't helped by debates cluttered with the likes of Mike Gravel on the Democratic side and Ron Paul among the Republicans. If the standard is that any declared candidate is entitled to a podiu

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Comment by Morpheus
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great a man from the media has a plan how the media will control the elections. "I don't care who does the electing as long as I get to do the nominating."
-- Boss Tweed

Comment by Anonymous
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Ah yes, hypocrisy. The same media which makes people like Paris Hilton famous believes it should be the sole judge of who is included in presidential debates. Of course, this decision should be made on standings in polls and the ability to raise money; in other words a popularity contest. The establishment media should concentrate on perpetuating celebrity worship; that seems to be what it does best. To them, it's more important to worship the man in the suit than it is to listen and understand the ideas that that man is fowarding. That's why I get most of my information from the internet nowadays.

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