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To those who say the Internet arcs toward the trivial, try this on for size: Currently, the most searched-for phrase on the blog aggregate site is Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

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Comment by Morpheus
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Dear Chris Wilson
I just got done reading the article you wrote at
It is obvious that you have no knowledge of what Ron Paul Stands for. I will spell it out for you as you need to know WHY people on the Internet are so excited about Ron Paul running for president. I have to tell you right now that it doesn't matter if he wins or not. The fact that he is talking about liberty is all that matters. Ron Paul Stands for liberty, freedom and the constitution.

The reason why he votes no to legislation is because he compares the legislation to the constitution to see if the Supreme law of the land gives any authority to do what ever it is that fascist CONgresspeople want to enact. If the supreme law of the land does not authorize the bill, Dr. Ron Paul Votes NO. He doesn't vote no to just about everything as you state in your article.

I find it interesting how you people operate. If the candidate has no money for your company to advertise with he is written off as someone who has no chance of winning. Then you state he has no chance of winning and then people read your paper and decide he has no way of winning and so company is telling people how to think instead of REPORTING the NEWS. Every time John McCain Blows his nose you guys write about it. Yet here comes a republican congressman and presidential candidate who says on National Television that he will dismantle the IRS and the federal reserve and you could hear a pin drop.

If you wanted to be a real journalist you could write an article on WHY did Ron Paul vote against the UNCONSTITUTIONAL WAR? WHY would Ron Paul dismantle the IRS? WHY would Ron Paul dismantle the Federal Reserve? WHY does he support the constitution while other "legislators" view it with disdain or just give it lip service?

This type of writing would require you to actually do your job, asking tough questions of the candidate, maybe even talking to your boss about why these types of stories need to be run. You could even write a article on why it is that your boss and the advertisers in your paper doesn't what you to write the kind of stories that I am suggesting. That would be journalism!

Thomas Costanzo