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"The Republic is Stoned Cold Dead"

• by Karen Kwiatkowski (LewRockwell)
It's over. The faithful and the hopeful may carry the corpse of the American republic, hoping that it can be brought back into normality, into life, and into power. I am afraid the nurturers will not survive.

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Comment by William Shaw
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Well done Karen ,
To really admit to this fact is the begenning !
Read true history with a critical eye, and you will discover the true beginning ot the demise of our Republic. It started with the esoteric Constitution,which was stalled by including the Bill of Rights..
This was the first attempt to turn this country into a Democracy ( worse than a communist dictatorship )
Abe Lincoln finished the job with the war against states rights and won thriugh propaganda and treason.
Woodrow Wilson drove another nail in the coffin ,with the federal reserve act,giving control of our goldbacked money to a private banking system which created paper money from thin air.
FDR stole the private gold of Americans to insure this banking system would prosper through the interest rates on each demonation printed.
This is not even federal or connected to government, except as a lending agency.
Neither is the IRS legal, for it has nothing to do with this government other than to coerce money from us to pay the interest to the Federal reserve.
The real government is the Council on Foreign Relations ! An elite wealthy secret club initiated by Rockefeller.
All are working to create a New World Order of a few ultra wealthy who will dictate to the ultra poor.
This has been the goal from the 1st war we have been coerced into , until the present time !
Their great power and wealth comes from the fact of using war and death to further their goal. This is done by financing both sides of the conflict and thus determines the victor,which is themselves.
In a stalemate they do not loose anything but gain the country desired and control it and it's welth of natural recourses.
Little by little and oh so patiently they achieve the very thing they desire and cover it with propaganda.
We have been fooled much too long, and must create a new way of life without politicians and any form of government !
We must learn to be a government unto ourselves as free born humans who will control our own lives without interference from anyone or anything.
If it takes force by any means to do this , so be it, and may our God bless our efforts.