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Beat the high court: Rule on meaning of Second Amendment

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Comment by William Shaw
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Answer to Brock,
A script on paper gave you the right to drive, with restrictions,pay taxes,purchase anything, etc. However these RIGHTS need no paper to allow us our freedom , they are God given rights which allow us free choice !
Any & All governments are dictatorships which control what we may or may not do with our lives. So, why have a government at all ?
This has worked very well for a small country who has none. Proven!
If a small country can do it, why can**Q**t we ?
I for one will never vote for anyone to be able to dictate to me how I should conduct my life, no matter how well intentioned the person may be. My God is the only one I will obey,because he created me which makes him my Father Wiser than anyone in all ways !

Comment by Bruce Barton
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The answer is easy and logical. The first 10 Amendments to the Constitution (Called the Bill of Rights) are all rights reserved to the INDIVIDUAL - so therefore, why would one out of ten be collective? It does not follow logically. The Second Amendment must be to the individual.

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Right now 98% of the votes are wrong. The question reads:

**QQ**Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right to bear arms?**QQ**

How can words on a piece of parchment **QQ**give**QQ** individuals a right? The semantics of the poll fundamentally alter the question before the court.

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