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Filly Eight Belles breaks down after 2nd-place Derby finish

• By BETH HARRIS - AP Racing Writer
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - The filly Eight Belles finished second behind favorite Big Brown in the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, then collapsed with two broken front ankles and was euthanized after crossing the wire.

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Comment by Brock
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Prize thoroughbreds are so well bred and cared-for that they are simultaneously finely-tuned athletes and freaks of nature. Hooves and ankles are weaknesses - their Achilles heel if you will.

A new type of farrier, a degreed vet specializing in hooves and hocks, is emerging. I had the pleasure of observing one treat a champion paint. He completely rebuilt a perfect hoof using epoxy (and, I think, steel). That kept the animal standing for two years past the time it would have been euthanized otherwise.

Comment by Chip Saunders
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Another example of gov't interference causing death and destruction.

Eight Belles was a California bred and raced animal. California has required as a matter of law that horse tracks in that state must be synthetic. In other words, to keep particulate polution down so as to qualify for federal dollars (stolen from the citizens), plain dirt tracks are illegal. Eight belles had never before run a race on plain dirt such as that at the Derby,...and it killed her.

Thanks, California!

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