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McCain Will Attend La Raza Convention

• World Net Daily
Sen. John McCain announced today he will attend the national convention of La Raza, a radical Hispanic lobby tied to the movement to reconquer the Southwestern U.S. Sounds like the perfect Republican nominee.

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Comment by Gladestone
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This is what the pubs want us to vote for,enough to make you puke.

Comment by Hawkeye
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This is nothing compared to helping the North Vietnamese.
If Americans can`t see through this puppet,God help America.
Every time I see "Songbird McCain" on stage,and,Americans jumping up and down with delight,it makes me want to puke.
The very last thing I ever thought would happen to America,of all countries,has happened.
Just look at how Americans are acting.It`s disgraceful.To be lumped in with such ignorant people,is a feeling that words can not explain.

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