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Making certain the Bad Guys know we are here!


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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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This issue should be resurrected after the election cycle is over.

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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Yes, I helped make a lot of them. I agree RON PAUL should be on the banner. I didn**Q**t even think his name wasn**Q**t on there because R3volution was on there front and center. To me RON PAUL = R3volution.

You are right though, 4409. I totally agree. I wish you were coming to the R3volution March 2008 in DC.

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
Entered on:
The signs do look awesome.

This is just my opinion but I think it**Q**s pathetic that is doesnt say Ron Paul anywhere on it. The march IS first and foremost a Ron Paul march and everthing else is second.

There would not even be a march if it weren**Q**t for Ron Paul and his supporters drumming it up.

I **Q**m realize I am a hard liner about Paul but there is never any harm associating the good doctors name with anything.

I also realize we want to open the field to allow different political types to see the message of liberty.

I understand the plan maybe to get them in the door and once in they will open their eyes to Pauls message...

The march will be a success!

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