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DNC Convention Barack Obama Protests in Denver by Tony Perri

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Protestors at the DNC Convention in Denver in front of the Pepsi Center. Ron Kovic led the anti-war march from the Colorado State Capitol building to the entrance of the Pepsi Center. Police raised their guns and got tear gas ready for this rowdy pro

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Comment by Chip Saunders
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Don't get caught up in the hysteria, dudes. No machineguns were present and the riot squad was actually letting a lot of prohibited conduct slide. The "gun" focussed on by the cameraman was a pepperball airgun that shoots balls of the same style and size as paintball guns, but contains powdered irritant and dye (for retrieval of key trouble-makers later). The masks and bandanas are prohibited by law and concealing your identity in this way is an arrestable offense.

I don't like the state to which our police state has devolved either,...but lets be objective here and see what is actually happening.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Look at the cops,are they real?
What kind of drugs are they on?
Will they Kill a protester right in front on their children,their mother,ect.
These are to Nazi`s that are willing to Kill Americans just because someone told them to.
I think we should make their names,and,faces known to their families,and friends,and clergy.
We must expose the hired Killers to all.
Just look at the idiots and how they treat Americans.
Expose these Brains Washed Nazi`s.Expose the Ones That Are Doing The Dirty Work...tell their children what their parents do for a living...they Kill when told to.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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One thing that was clear from the video. The police are itching to machinegun somebody. Itching! Use of deadly force early mus be part of their force response SOP. Gonna send a message.

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