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The r3VOLution is Over<br>by Richard Spencer

• Taki's magazine
[Ron Paul's] statement begs the question, Why after Paul failed in his valiant attempt to win the Republican nomination, did not he himself make a third-party bid? Paul was in a far better position than any of those standing beside him this morni

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Comment by Psychictaxi
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(repost of my comment on the article)

Richard Spencer has about as much authority to say "The R3VOLUTION is over" as I have saying "Richard Spencer's career is over"!


Ron Paul is NOT the R3VOLUTION! Neither is Richard Spencer. It is people like me who have WORKED OUR TAILS OFF to lay the foundation of REAL CHANGE for the last year-and-a-half. And this is IN SPITE OF A MEDIA BLACKOUT! Try as you may, WE CANNOT BE STOPPED UNLESS YOU KILL US ALL!

Good luck with that.

The R3VOLUTION continues.....

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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" Still Voting? "

Comment by Ron Moss
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He still is. If The constitutional requirement for president is still to be 'Natural Born" in these United States, and If Obama was born in Kenya Africa, as found hospital records seem to indicatea
and Mccain was born in Panama, and that requirement has never been changed by ratified amendment, why are we wasting our time on these two actors? Maybe a better match would be Ron Paul with Sarah and Hillary.