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Obama: Gaffes and Palin Have Obama Playing Defense

• Nancy Morgan
Even the Mainstream Media is beginning to whisper, “Obama has lost his mojo”. What’s to blame? A gaggle of gaffes and Sarah Palin.

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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America use to be the most loved,admired country on earth.
Now! your the most hated people on earth.
You have become so stupid it`s unbelievable.
Look at you choices for President...Right! You have none.
You can`t even get an honest person on the floor to ask a question.
You can`t even get an honest person into a "Town Hall Meeting",it`s all rigged.You have NOTHING to say about anything.You have become a bunch of greedy,helpless idiots now,and the world hates you....Big Time.
"Home of the Brave",I don`t thing so.
Only the ignorant soldiers that are more willing to fight an "Unconstitutional War",aka "Bushes War" are calling themselves "Brave".So "Brave in fact,they refuse to stay home and defend America....they gladly go to a foreign country and Kill innocent that brave? NO! it`s stupid.
By the time "The Bush Gang" get through with America,these soldiers will have NO AMERICA to fight for.
If anyone in American thinks that McCain,or Obama are going to make America a better place,bring America back to it`s old self,you are a FOOL,in spades.
Both of YOUR candidates have "Hidden Papers" they don`t want you to see,ever!
Do you demand that the show you these papers...NO!
Just look at the two candidates you have...America is done,stick a fork in her..."Home of the Brave",ha ha ha ha ha...who are you kidding?